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Richard and Kerri are the driving forces committed to making InPlay Recruit a success with Richard focussing on Employer Services and Kerri taking primary responsibility for the Candidates. Find out more about the team below.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to deliver recruitment processes underpinned by quality and sustainability which give a business the essential people building blocks for scalability, brand positivity and employee stickability.

Ethical and Diversity Policy

InPlay Recruit believe that a strong and consistent approach towards an ethical and diverse workplace is far more than a tick in the box; this is who we are and should permeate everything we do.

We think doing the right thing should not necessarily require a policy or a statement to support the action but rather it should be our candidate and employer interactions that demonstrate an expected moral philosophy in a global business world where the social media spotlight is never turned off.

By embracing diversity we are able to build teams who will work for each other and communicate without prejudice. By developing this transparency and trust teams will become more innovative and tackle problems with a positive rather than cynical approach.

If we chose to ignore diversity then this is likely to have a negative effect and become an ethical issue. Discrimination can manifest itself within teams if leadership and communication are not prioritised and this will ultimately result in productivity and quality being compromised and morale being impacted. InPlay Recruit believe that creating positive rules and habits around diversity and ethics is beneficial to our business but more importantly it establishes a code of conduct that is visible and non-negotiable.

Employee wellness is integral to our ethical and diversity beliefs. An awareness of a person’s mental and physical state is a priority in understanding and developing all our personal relationships and to support this we recognise that having the tools and resources to do your job and clear and mutually agreed performance expectations are vital to establishing an environment that brings out the best in everyone.  This has to be the emotional and physical baseline for any organisation wishing to get the best from their teams and employees.

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