Talent Search

Working within the online gaming and IT domains has given us significant experience of both the industries and the types of individuals you are looking to recruit. We are now able to translate this knowledge into a talent search process which will enable you to find the best candidates. Please review the 8 stages below and then contact us if you would like to learn more.

Talent Search Approach

A business strategy will often be supported by development and product roadmaps and these templates should highlight recruitment GAPs. When combined with the evaluation of the past performance of specific roles versus targeted performance this should give us the relevant data to build an approach that is both resilient and will enable you to confidently plan your future recruitment needs.

Role Definition

Job, Needs and Task analyses are fundamental boxes that need to be ticked to generate the blue-print of your ideal candidate. But in difficult times you will often have to do more than just the basics and this is where our industry and recruitment knowledge can help define roles and responsibilities that will aim to future proof your resource planning.

Job Descriptions

Clearly defined roles and responsibilities are a given but how do you make your JD stand out? Brand, culture, benefits and salary are all important differentiators but you need to convey the personality as well as the skills and experience you are looking for? The ideal candidate needs to be engaged from the first sentence of the JD and this is where we can emphasize who you are by your tone of voice.


Knowing where the talent is located is the starting point to planning your approach, as effective advertising needs to be targeted to ensure it is cost effective and delivers the right results.

However your more traditional outbound recruitment now needs to be complemented by an inbound marketing strategy as ideally your perfect candidate should already be part of our network.

CV Review

The hiring manager/s first needs to confirm the skills and experience filtering boxes that must be ticked in order to capture the key differentiators between CVs. This process can be further optimised by using a covering letter to complement the CV information which will highlight an applicant’s personality, commitment to the role and understanding of your industry. Planning is all important to ensure the right candidate doesn’t slip through the net.

Interview Approach

The interview stage/s can be relatively time-consuming for key individuals, within your business, so you need to ensure that line managers are clear about the questions to be asked and the candidate rating system. Preparation and design, of this process, needs to happen to give you the best chance of success and this is where our experience can make a difference.


If you believe you’ve found a quality candidate then it’s unlikely yours will be the only offer hence the need to act quickly and ensure your offer is competitive. Our industry knowledge will ensure that salaries and benefits are benchmarked against the competition to avoid disappointment and give you the best chance of landing your next star


Induction and onboarding processes will undoubtedly be an expectation of the new employee. First impressions count with employee engagement and retention being required outcomes of the talent search process. We can help you establish a plan that will get the new employee “up to speed” quickly while minimising the impact on the management team’s productivity.

Recruitment Lifecycle Services (RLS)

Recruitment Lifecycle services (RLS) provide a holistic approach to understanding the cost, quality and due diligence boxes that need to be ticked to transform a recruitment requirement into a tangible asset.

The services below can be provided per module or as part of an E2E solution…

In-house Recruitment

Let us help you establish the governance framework and best practices to create an in-house recruitment function which will enable you to deliver sustainable and scalable recruiting that will quickly become a cost-effective and quality centre of excellence.


An effective recruitment strategy should have a direct impact on your financial, qualitative and reputational KPIs. Using our insight and experience we can help you focus on the key decision making factors which will give you a strategic edge in the highly competitive recruitment market.

The Recruitment Brand

Your brand can give you the edge in attracting the best talent as employer appeal is influenced as much now by what you stand for as by what you actually do. Let us turn marketing speak into tangible recruitment benefits.

Performance Management

Understanding how an employee is performing and then managing their career development is fundamental to optimising their benefit to your business. Our PM Lite model is flexible and ideal for businesses who need performance data without the management overhead.


Effective organisational behaviour (OB) is key to getting the most out of your working environment. Focus on the people and business success will follow. We believe our understanding of what makes an organisation tick will allow you to optimise your structure, people and systems.

Company Culture

A company’s culture should evolve through the beliefs and working practices of both management and employees with ideally everyone having a say in making their working environment unique. The challenge is how to create, sustain and ultimately adapt your culture to make you an appealing employer and this is where we can help.

People Management

How do you ensure that your management team understand the scope and importance of their people management responsibilities? The provision of training, in conjunction with a performance management programme, will go a long way to ensuring that the recruitment lifecycle is understood, monitored and implemented by those employees.


Without an onboarding process in place, employee engagement and retention are in danger of being supplanted by speedy departures and/or presenteeism. With limited management overhead, we can create an approach to prevent your next star recruit leaving before their potential has been realised and we will ensure that this process is both cost effective and repeatable.


Identifying, fast tracking and ultimately retaining your star performers requires focus as without the exceptional talents your business is liable to plateau. A viable mentoring approach is therefore required to facilitate these goals and we can help you to realise the value of this often overlooked business activity.


Adopting best practices throughout the recruitment lifecycle should optimise employee retention but best practices may vary depending on your industry sector and/or the type of employee. We will aim to incorporate all factors relevant to your business when proposing a retention approach to give you both stability and scalability.

Graduate Recruitment Services (GRS)

The graduate route is generally viewed as being a more strategic than tactical approach to recruitment, given the additional management and training support required to give you a return on your investment. And may be in these economically uncertain times a more tactical model is the higher priority yet if planned and managed correctly graduate recruitment is both a cost effective and quality solution to sustaining your business through challenging times.

Graduates make much more than just financial sense though; they are also an investment in fresh ideas, the latest skills and potential that can be moulded into your company’s culture and vision for the future. We can help you tap into this rich seam of recruitment talent with our range of GRS modules to suit your business needs.

Assessment Days

Assessment Days should provide a forum for your graduate candidates to demonstrate the skills, intellect and/or teamwork required by your business. We have significant experience of running these events in the UK and Poland and will tailor the session/s so that candidates have the opportunity to showcase their talents.


Graduate recruitment ticks the cost, quality and potential boxes which should be key considerations in any recruitment strategy but particularly now in times of economic uncertainty. However the university talent pool is global and you need to know where to look to optimise your search. Our vast knowledge of universities and their courses can help make your strategy both effective and repeatable.

Careers Fair/s

Success at careers’ fairs requires planning to ensure that candidate interest translates into recruited talent, and this is particularly relevant if you’re a smaller company competing for the same people as larger organisations. We have experienced these challenges in the UK and Poland and can help you maximise your appeal in this competitive environment.

Talent Identification

Inbound recruitment should now be part of your strategic planning and the university talent pool is an obvious area where talent can be identified and nurtured during their undergraduate years. We can help you develop internship and placement programmes, in partnership with universities, which should ultimately become an informal and cost effective probationary period, before transitioning into permanent employment for the best candidates.

Final (Technical) Interviews

How do you ensure a seamless flow of candidate data from Assessment Day to final interview to ensure you have sufficient information on which to make a decision? We can provide guidance on capturing and effectively utilising this data in conjunction with technical competency tests, including the latest gamification techniques, to achieve an interview process that delivers meaningful and consistent results.

Graduate CV Database

Our candidate communication channels allow us to maintain a CV database which will give you access to relevant candidate data for those immediate, and longer term, hiring requirements. The database can be aligned to your business requirements so as always flexibility is key to making our services work best for you.


Our costings models for Talent Search, RLS and GRS will seek to reflect the expectations and business demands of our customers. We recognise that, when it comes to budgets and business cases, “one size does not always fit all” and as with all aspects of our business we will attempt to be flexible, but realistic in agreeing the preferred approach to financing your business requirements.

Agreement on the costings approach will comprise part of our analysis phase and of course we can describe this process in more detail during our initial conversations.