Training Partnership Confirmed

Bespoke Developer Training and Recruitment Programmes For The Online Gaming Sector.

InPlay Recruit is excited to announce its partnership with Coders Lab ( – the biggest IT training provider in Poland. The goal: to establish an innovative and pragmatic approach for the training and recruitment of programming teams in Poland, and eastern Europe, which will enable online gaming companies to establish and sustain a pipeline of quality junior employees.

In joining forces with InPlay Recruit, the Polish IT school will offer expert training support to online gaming companies looking for an alternative to the often inflexible and time consuming process of sourcing junior programmers, using the established university route. This tailored training and recruitment approach should result in companies achieving a 40% cost reduction on new employee ROI, in comparison to the UK norm.

“We are happy that, together with InPlay Recruit, we will be able to offer an innovative recruitment and training solution. We want to demonstrate to companies, employing juniors, that they don’t have to rely only on themselves in the search for young talent. Our proposal is a comprehensive one – we will analyze staffing needs, tailor a suitable training program and then recruit candidates with the right profile. We will also take care of their substantive preparation for work. The client will receive a team of programmers “on a plate” – says Marcin Tchórzewski, CEO and founder of Coders Lab.

“In a region (Poland/east Europe) with a rapidly expanding technology sector, and an unrelenting demand for developer skills, our bespoke training and recruitment model will provide a quality pipeline of junior developers for companies looking to combine sustainable and cost effective technical centres of excellence with a distinctive approach to employee learning and development, that will differentiate them from the competition.

For Inplay Recruit collaboration and innovation are core values for the business and working with Coders Lab, to establish a market leading developer training and recruitment programme, is an ideal partnership based on our complementary skills, expertise and vision for the future” – says Richard Jones, Managing Director and founder of InPlay Recruit.”

Coders Lab, which has operated in the educational training sector since 2013, delivers courses to both individuals and companies. In the past, Poland’s largest IT school trained staff for companies such as Amazon, Amelco and Havas, among others.  The company was founded in 2013 by brothers Marcin Tchórzewski and Jacek Tchórzewski. The company has been growing dynamically since the very beginning of its activity, which is proved by 5 regional branches in Poland – in Warsaw, Cracow, Wrocław, Poznań and Katowice – and 3 franchise branches – in Romania, Spain and Indonesia.

If you’d like to find out more please contact Richard Jones ( or Grzegorz Morawski (